Ubunifu is a software development firm based in Kampala Uganda. We specialise in professional mobile and web development with a focus on innovative, personalised and fully functional solutions that highlight integrations, analytics and data processing to cater to the needs of our clients.

Founded in 2011, we are committed to expanding our clients’ business capabilities by understanding their needs and crafting innovative solutions that deliver value and satisfaction. Ubunifu has established trust and credibility to deliver as-good quality locally, for clients in various industries.

Physical Address:
23, Lumumba Avenue Kampala
Tax Identification: 1002872972
Registration Number: 178137

Ubunifu Systems Ltd

App Development

Design & Planning


We create tailored solutions that connect your co-workers with each other and your company with its customers. We strive to build affordable custom software solutions that work for our clients through up-to-date and dynamic cloud, mobile, web app development technologies. Our commitment is for the digital face of your business to be eye-catching and user friendly delivered though our modern design principles. We also help our clients improve their business processes, and therefore impact, through analytics and visualization done on the data extracted from the mobile apps or websites

CEO Vision Brief

It is exciting to host you on our new fresh look, welcome!

In all our existence, we desire to remain a top choice for clients looking for a digital experience partner. We are glad you are part of this journey.

We strive to build affordable custom software solutions for our clients. Our commitment to you is for your work to be delivered with modern design principles, in conjunction with the latest in cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies. We create tailored solutions that connect your co-workers with each other, your company with its customers.

Our team will measure our impact through how well we simplify and accelerate business processes, as well as lower costs.

I look forward to welcoming you, and chatting about your digital needs.

How we work

Ubunifu Systems is committed to a blend of AGILE and SCRUM software development methods extending our internal resources to match the scale of the team required to deliver on a client’s work. We work on our solutions dynamically; we involve you, the client, at each stage of the process, ensuring all your needs are met and incorporating any new ones along the way.

Ubunifu Systems projects are grounded in a 3-pronged test for Feasibility, Viability and Desirability. Feasibility represents our capacity to deliver in time, with the required skills and expertise and general commitment to successfully build for you to your satisfaction. We also ensure that projects we embark on are viable, that is, can be achieved and go on to impact positively on all the beneficiaries. Desirability means we are determined to build software solutions that are fit for the client, the users and the purpose.

Our Process

We work continually to satisfy the client’s needs and provide general sustainable development throughout our journey to deliver.

When you get into contact with us, we meet and discuss the scope of work to be done and level of effort required. The information gathered when we initiate and also during our partnership establishment is incorporated into the agreement, planning, and ongoing delivery.

We design with the user in mind adjusting to the changes they have so as to satisfy their needs. Custom designs are used to ensure that we align with the impact goals set during the initiation stage.

The development team develops or configures the platform to meet user’s and partner’s unique needs through the reviewed and approved design specifications; Also, we conduct user acceptance testing sessions, iterate and beta test to ensure proper functionality of the product before deployment.

When development is complete and all user acceptance tests are passed, hosting and deployment are done; the product is launched and support for ongoing needs is provided as they emerge during implementation.

We conduct user feedback sessions to continue to meet your needs as a client even after the deployment phase. Also, Ubunifu provides continuous support and maintenance for our client’s deployed applications/systems.