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Our Strategy

While providing the option of one-off web design, we also suggest continuous design support services that enable non-stop evolution of your ever-growing web solution. Working in close cooperation with your team, we gradually introduce improvements and changes based on regular user surveys and A/B testing, thus ensuring superior user experience.

We combine your brand style and the latest web design trends, relying on the data gathered through rival company analysis, market studies and user research. This approach allows us to deliver one-of-a-kind and highly competitive designs that strengthen your brand identity, reflect brand’s values and support your marketing goals.

When we are working on a design of a website or web portal, our team always targets your specific marketing and customer service objectives. We establish productive cooperation with the stakeholders to understand your business processes and deliver a design that will empower your individual conversion strategy.

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Responsive Web Design

We perform in-depth analysis of your users’ expectations at the very start of the project. The data we use for tailoring your visuals is gained from usability studies (in case of a web solution in development) or comprehensive UX and UI audit (in case of an already developed web solution).

Responsive web design services ensure a web solution’s adaptive behavior to the screen size it is displayed on. We at Ubunifu believe that mere content adaptation is not enough: following the mobile-first strategy, we translate the entire functionality of your existing or planned website or web portal into intuitive, smoothly functioning, and highly converting digital experience.Ubunifu 

Why Responsive Design Matters

  • 53% of today’s global website traffic originates from mobile devices.
  • 70%  websites have been migrated to Google’s ‘mobile-first’ indexing.
  • 68% businesses saw an increase in sales after opting for responsive website design

As many as 70% of users don’t complete their purchases on websites when viewing them on mobile devices because of impeding mobile UX. Moreover, 94% of users say they do not trust a company behind a website or a web portal with poor mobile design and choose to switch to a competitor instead. While you are still assessing the reasonableness of your investment, responsive web design has already become one of the major conditions for the success of your digital venture.

Don’t Let Poor Web Design Ruin Your Conversions!

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These guys are awesome! Each time I needed their help, their response was quick and very helpful. Also, the theme is very flexible. Five stars from me for everything! I truly recommend this theme!!!

Johnis Kobra
Ubunifu Client